February 3, 2014

Henry & David,

I hope all is well with you gentlemen. You guys may or may not know that I bought a used horse trailer a few weeks ago. In advance of the purchase I called Hay Tire, knowing I was in need of new tires as well as a good overall inspection. Luis took the time to visit with me about what I needed. He also assured me that everything would be carefully checked over. Well I bought the trailer and turned it over to your team. I'm here to tell you that Luis took fabulous care of me. He also let me store the trailer with you all for a couple of weeks, which really helped me - thanks to Luis.

On Saturday morning I finally came for the trailer. Phillip came back in the lot and made sure it was hooked to my truck correctly. He also helped me figure out the appropriate gain that would be needed for the trailer brakes. I wanted you guys to know that Phillip is a star in my book. He mentioned having been with you all for 20 years.

I guess I simply wanted to write you guys to say thanks & to let you know that Luis and Phillip on their own took the time to make sure that I was totally covered. I hope we have people that take that same initiative on their own.

Take care,

Bill M.

December 14, 2012


So often good news is not shared and credit given when appropriate; I want to share and give some of both. I brought our car in yesterday for new tires and Josh checked me in. I explained that we had been out of town for a couple of weeks and upon returning had found our door handle broken and hadn't had time to have it repaired. I took him out to the car and showed him the problem and how we open the door. He called me several times yesterday to keep me informed of issues and how to resolve them with tires, tie rod and a couple of other issues. I went to pick the car up last night and got home only to find the door handle was now inoperable from the inside. I called back and Josh answered the phone and immediately apologized and asked me to bring the car back in today and he would have it repaired. I explained to him that Hay Tire didn't initially break the door opener but he insisted that it be fixed. My son dropped the car off this morning and let Josh know that we would be happy to pay for the door handle repair. Josh called me to let me know the repair had been completed. I again thanked him and re-iterated that it was not Hay Tire's fault, but he told me he learned a valuable lesson in not placing the information on the ticket or passing along the information.

Long story short (too late I realize!), but this is customer service at its finest. We were already fans, but this was above and beyond. Josh was completely professional and apologized and handled the problem. Kudos to you for your customer service training and for your team being/feeling empowered to immediately resolve issues. Never once did Josh say let me check with someone; he immediately and professionally handled the situation.

Wishing you and yours the best this holiday season, and rest assured we will share what great customer service Hay Tire provides. Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Jonathan R. (personal email to David Hay)

March 5, 2012

These guys were fantastic! I was very happy with them and the work they did on my car. They went above and beyond the call of duty and displayed true southern hospitality! There was a group of ladies visiting Charleston from Pawleys for a day trip when their car broke down on Hwy 17 in Awendaw. Hayes [sic] towed the car to the shop, then drove the ladies to Shem Creek so they could enjoy a nice lunch while the car was being repaired. Then brought the car to them when it was done. The ladies were all so dressed up and excited about their first visit to Charleston. They also couldn't believe that they could be treated so nicely here. They will surely come to Charleston for a real visit soon! I was proud of Hayes [sic] Tires for just being such nice people.

Online comments from a Living Social customer

March 5, 2012

Great local business. Takes extra good care of its customers. Did not try to upsell me unnecessarily.

Online comments from a Living Social customer

February 29, 2012

Car ready ahead of schedule. Everyone very helpful and friendly. Snacks available. Loved the dog.

Online comments from a Living Social customer

February 20, 2012

Thank you for a wonderful experience. Greg helped me find the right tires and was clearly interested in my best interest. I'm not a native Charlestonian & hear lots of ads from other tire companies. Smiles are fine, but the people at Hay Tire were honest, courteous, trustworthy, knowledgable, fair. I wouldn't go anywhere else.

Great service from the salesman, Greg (Mt. Pleasant), to the young driver who drove me home.

Joyce K. (Comments submitted via Customer Survey Request).

February 6, 2012

This place was great! Although it ended up being a very expensive trip for me (new brakes needed) I really felt good about the information they gave me and didn't feel like I was being hustled or sold a bunch of stuff I don't need like I have at some other chain oil change places. I will absolutely be back!

Online comments from a Living Social customer

January 31, 2012

They were great! I'll be going back next time I need auto repair. Thanks guys.

Online comments from a Living Social customer

December 19, 2011

Hay Tire in Mt. Pleasant - dropped off my car, they gave me a ride home, then came and got me when the car was done. That's great service. Lots of local regulars in there, which is a good sign. Good people, good professional service. They didn't even bat an eye at my fairly strange Alfa, or treat it like a second class citizen. I felt like I got an amazing deal - I even got an alignment while I was there, which turned out fine.

(Online Review)

November 28, 2011

They were great and very friendly. I dropped my 4-Runner off and picked it up after I was through shopping. Vehicle was ready and waiting and I will definitely go back. Thanks!

Online comments from a Living Social customer

November 21, 2011

Excellent customer service - clean environment and everyone is very friendly and helpful.

Online comments from a Living Social customer

September 28, 2011

This was for an oil change and service. They are very good and they are very quick. They have excellent pricing and customer service.

William S. (Comments posted on Angie's List)

September 15, 2011

The ignition light was on in my car and everytime I took it to the dealer, the light would turn back on a week later. I ended up deciding to try someone different. They [Hay Tire Pros] ended up fixing the problem over night and everyone was extremely nice. I plan on using them again in the future.

Bet P. (Comments posted on Angie's List)

September 5, 2011

I have gotten to know many of the employees at Hay Tire over the years and would highly recommend them for your tire and auto service needs.

Trey M. (LinkedIn Recommendation)

September 3, 2011

I had a similar experience [in reply to James H's posting] at Hay Tire two weeks ago. The day before I am to take my son Miles to school, and with Hurricane Irene off the coast, I have a problem with one of my car tires. I go to Hay Tire in Mt. Pleasant at 5:00 on Thursday afternoon and find that I need not one but four new tires. Not to fear, by 11:00 the next day, Hay Tire has the tires delivered and installed on my car in time for me to hit the road right on schedule. I agree great service from Greg and his team in Mt. Pleasant and at a good price.

Miles B. (Comments posted on LinkedIn)

September 2, 2011

Just a note to fellow PG B2B folks -- Hay Tire is a great place for your auto needs. Dropped off my wife's car without an appointment last night. David's team completed all the work on the car including replacing the tires and an oil change by COB today. Great service and great prices. Definitely will use Hay Tire again! Thank you B2B for connecting us!

James H. (Comments posted on LinkedIn)

April 20, 2011

To everyone @ Hay Tire involved with my new set of tires.... THANK YOU!!! I enjoyed doing business with everyone and will stop by soon!

Janet J.

March 8, 2011

I use Hay Tire Co. for auto service. We go there for our regular maintenance, we purchase tires from them, and tire rotation.

They do almost everything. They do not replace windshields. They really do care about their customers. They take their responsibility as a business and for customer service very seriously. They are very customer-oriented. They have a wonderful service. If you need to be someplace else, they have a courtesy car service. They will take you where you need to go. When your car is ready, they will come and pick you up. We have been dealing with them since 1984.

James S. (Comments posted on Angie's List)

Feb 21, 2011

"This was a fantastic deal! Excellent value for the money. This business is professional, clean and friendly. Thanks for introducing me to them."

Online comment from a Living Social customer

Feb 17, 2011

"Super nice, polite and punctual! Offered coffee and freshly popped popcorn plus had a giant adorable black lab wandering around greeting everyone! super nice"

Online comment from a Living Social customer

Feb 15, 2011

"AWESOME job! thanks so much for introducing us to your great services with the living social. We will DEF be back!"

Online comment from a Living Social customer

Feb 14, 2011

"they made me feel like i've been a life-long customer, and now I am."

Online comment from a Living Social customer

Feb 14, 2011

"a great experience and very happy to have the deal. i expect to use Hay for services from now on."

Online comment from a Living Social customer

Feb 11, 2011

"People are wonderful and friendly to work with. No complaints on skill level. Car driving service a definite draw also, so things can be done while at work."

Online comment from a Living Social customer

Feb 9, 2011

"A friendly bunch of fellows waiting eagerly to jump under the hood and get to work, very courteous!"

Online comment from a Living Social customer

14 January 2011

On Jan 4th I experienced a flat tire while leaving Charleston and heading to VA. Your company provided excellent and prompt service to repair the tire and we were soon on our way. Thank you so much for your expertise and quick service. I certainly will recommend you to anyone who is in need of tire service.

Ruth H.
(Comments received via email through haytire.net

November 12, 2010

I had Hay Tire install new tires on my truck. They noticed my truck was leaking coolant and let me know I should have it taken care of sooner rather than later. Being in a trade myself I was reluctant to have a tire shop do a fairly heavy repair on my vehicle as I didn't know they were capable of doing more than tires and brakes. Since I moved here from up north I also notice that the "talent pool" here in skilled trades isn't that great. Long story short, I dropped my truck off the following week and they took care of it. The cost may be a bit more than other places could have done it but you get what you pay for in auto repair. I will continue to take my truck there for service.

Joe B. (Comments posted on Angie's List)

Sept 23,2010

They got back to me the NEXT DAY [customer ordered online through a third party]. I thought the tires had to be shipped but they were in the warehouse. The staff, service and ease of this transaction was awesome!

August 2010

Greg & Staff (at the Mt Pleasant store):
Thank you so much for taking such good care of me & my Civic! Fabulous service and a special thanks for putting up with Geico.

Much appreciated --
Ashley L.

August 11, 2010

Dear Mr. Hay,
Thank you so much for letting me bring my car in to get it checked out today. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me.

I will be sure to bring my car to Hay Tire from now on and make certain my friends know about your company's incredible customer service and expertise.

Enjoy the rest of summer and I will see you around C of C (College of Charleston) soon.

Thanks again,
Gibbon Miler

June 3, 2010

Dear Luis (Irizarry),

I wanted to sincerely thank you for the extra effort you made to cushion the blow financially of having to replace all four tires on my car. Like many others who are facing a challenge to make ends meet I have worked hard to stay on top of things by planning in advance -- however, you can plan as much as you like & the unexpected is always there to show up!

I am most grateful that you were understanding & helpful and that loyalty to your customer was so visible expressed. With deep gratitude & thanks --

Allura Henderson

April 10, 2010

Dear Greg Brown,
I wanted to thank you for all of your help with my Toyota Highlander. You went out of your way to help me and I appreciate that very much. You are welcome to forward this message to your boss and let him know what a good job you did.

Thank you,
Lindy Hoel

March 18, 2009

(An email to Service Writer Luis Irizarry)

Hi Luis,
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you again for helping me obtain the new tires for '05 Equinox. I had done a lot of comparison shopping with several other tire dealerships, including Chevy, and Hay Tire had the best prices. All indications point to me coming back to do business with you again. I felt welcomed from the moment I walked into Hay Tire right up until the time I left. I am bringing my daughter's car in soon to obtain new tires for her as well. Word of mouth goes a long way. Should anyone ask me where they could get the best deal in town on tires and service with a smile, I will refer them to Hay Tire. You were sincere, honest and very diligent in getting the very best deal for me and I truly appreciate it. Thanks again.

Very truly yours,
Carmen Y. Wigfall

January 10, 2009

Just a note to say thanks for providing your services on such short notice, to help us get our car back home to Alabama. A true example of "Southern Hospitality."

Dale A. Wells

June 8, 2008

(A customer's online survey response after visiting our Mount Pleasant store)

On his first visit, Meyer Drucker from Conway rated the facility as neat and clean; the staff knowledgable, friendly, and efficient; the overall visit was described as Excellent. Mr. Drucker then added these comments:

We had just arrived from a Bermuda cruise, and discovered a tire had lost air. We were promptly cared for with a patch and were back on the road to Conway in 20 minutes with excellent service from Phillip Linen.

In response to the question "What would you change about our facility?" Mr Drucker replied: It was the best I had ever visited...keep up the good work.

June 12, 2008

I would like to take a moment to commend your staff on how professional and courteous they were to me. I have experienced several issues with a fuel pump problem on my 1997 GMC white van. While many times I was not as nice or friendly with them, they never once treated me the same. Again, the level of service and professionalism I experienced was A+. I am honored to recommend Hay Tire for service needs.

Marcia Wild

March 27, 2008

Dear Bill [Sekula] and the Staff of Hay Tire:

Councilmember Jimmy Gallant told me how you helped him get his van fixed that he uses to transport children in his mentoring program. I just wanted to thank you for your kindness and let you know how much your generosity is appreciated.

Again, thanks so much and please let me know if I can ever be of assistance to you.

Most sincerely yours,
Joseph P. Riley, Jr.
Mayor, City of Charleston

August 9, 2007

Dear David -
Just wanted to thank Hay Tire for great service today - I had a screw in my tire and Mike and I are driving to Ocean Isle tomorrow. So I was a little panicky - but Greg took good care of me and I was in and out in twenty minutes - great for my lunch hour!

Betsy Reynolds

June 2, 2007

Dear Mr. Hay:
I meant to write this letter a couple of weeks ago when I had some repair work done to one of my tires at your store. Time has gotten away; but I wanted you to know how thoughtful and accommodating one of your employees was with helping me get back to the store to pick up my car upon completion of the repair. I was the only one left working at an office and did not have my key to lock the office in order to leave to ride back with your employee to pick up my car. The key was on my key chain that I had left at your store when I dropped the car off. Upon this dilemma, your kind employee drove all the way back to the store, picked up my keys and drove all the way back to this office I was working at that day to allow me to lock the office to leave to pick up my car. I really thought that was so considerate and kind and he was very understanding and did not seem bothered by having to do this. I don't know the man's name; but by description, he's a little older gentleman, wears glasses and was just nice as he could be. I just wanted you to know how I haven't forgotten his kindness and to say how impressed I was with that because, nowadays, you rarely find that kind of service.
I continue to enjoy your kind, efficient staff and service. Thanks.

Barbara E. Boylston
{The employee described is Donald Stone.}

From the Charleston Mercury February 16, 2006

My Truck Runs on Hay (So Does My Spirit)

Dear Editor,
On every occasion, doing business with Hay Tire is a joy, for every person on the staff with whom we have ever had the opportunity to talk about car and truck issues has been genuinely friendly, anxious to help and completely honest. Their leadership comes from the top and at the "top," the tip-top, is Henry Hay. Since college days, I have known of the Hay family's integrity (having roomed with one of them at Presbyterian College) and known Henry personally from our common church and various social events. Nonetheless, his leadership from the top was dramatically demonstrated recently.

On a late Saturday afternoon, we discovered that the battery in our truck, which was overstuffed with household items destined for a move to Saluda, N.C. the following morning, had mysteriously blown up. The truck was pulled way back into a driveway, making it impossible for a tow truck or AAA to be of any assistance. We were desperate to find a battery service open at that hour of the day on a Saturday afternoon. I tracked Henry down at his Wadmalaw residence to inquire if he knew of a company that I could call. Without hesitation, Henry took over. First off, he remembered my vehicle, then said he thought he had the correct battery at the store, reassuring me that it was quite all right if we honored a dinner party invitation with friends expecting us that evening.

Henry and his wife came to my home, removed the old battery and replaced it (under extremely difficult circumstances) and left us a note saying, "Have a wonderful trip tomorrow!!"
Service above self...Hay Tire!...Semper Fi!

Thomas M. Leland, M.D., Ph.D.
Charleston, SC

December 1, 2006

Hay Tire -
Thank you so much for helping my husband and me out while in Charleston. We came to your shop with a tack in the tire -- thought it would be OK. Next morning of course it was flat.

After sending a service truck and repairing the tire -- there was no charge. My husband has a trucking company and many times we have had a huge bill for those services. We really appreciate what you did --
There is nothing like your Southern hospitality!

Mike & Kathy Elmore
from North Carolina

November 16, 2006

RE: Recent visit to your business

I just wanted to thank you for the experience I had Tuesday at your business. While I purchase tires and other services from you continuously, I wanted to thank you for the quality of service I receive each and every visit.

While no one wants to spend their hard earned money on tires and other maintenance services, when they do they like the comfort they are getting what they pay for. Your business has three qualities that bring me back time after time: honesty, fairness, and delivery.

1. Your staff always provides me with an honest assessment of services to be rendered and the approximate cost.
2. Your business always provides those services and products at a fair price.
3. You always deliver my vehicle with work performed when you say you will.

Please thank Greg and your other staff for providing this quality of service, and when I need further services or when someone asks where I take my vehicle for service and tires, it will be HAY Tire.

Steve H. Eberhardt

March 14, 2006

Dear David,
Hay Tire is the greatest! Thank you dearly for returning to John the box of stationery inadvertently left while dropping off his car yesterday. We already are way behind with his dad's memorial acknowledgments and misplacing that box would have added another month to the process! Thank you for sending your employee and saving the day; did not get his name, but please share our appreciation with your young man -- he was very nice, and I hope I thanked him enough.

Kaycee (Poston)

March 11, 2006

To Whom It May Concern:
We are the grandparents of Caitlin Barry whose car you worked on a short time ago. Caitlin has been home for Spring Break and we finally received your address! Therefore we can thank you for your care and concern in reference to her Subaru.

We are most appreciative of your three calls to N.J. and the excellent work done on her car and just wanted to let you know how much it means to us. Thank you again, so very, very much!

Ruth & Fred Breuninger
Morristown, NJ

February 2006

Dear Henry,
What a joy and delight it is to visit Hay Tire Company! And what a thrill it is to have Elvin (I believe) come to visit me when I was off the Savannah Highway with a flat tire! Thank you for the exceptional thoughtfulness and kindness. Have a wonderful day.


June 10, 2005

Dear David,
Thank you again for sharing your time and expertise with me on Tuesday. Armed with far more knowledge than I possessed at the start of the day, I was able to resolve our Volvo problem very successfully.Because you would only accept gratitude as payment, please know that a large deposit of thanks and loyalty has gone into your account!

Christopher Lionel Ibsen

June 10, 2005

Dear Mr. Hay,
Just a quick note of praise for the team. I was in Charleston for a quick visit on June 9. After the Ft. Sumter tour, I returned to my rent-a-car and noticed a nice flat. I took off hoping to find a tire store as I had a schedule to keep. I luckily stumbled upon Hay Tire. Your staff took great care of me and got the flat fixed immediately. Super service by a professional and pleasant team. Thank you very much. You guys saved the day!

Thomas F. Nolan

June 26, 2005

Dear Mr. David Hay,
I don't know how I can ever repay you for coming to my rescue on Father's Day, of all the days in the year! Thank you. Out of my shock, frustration and fear, I know it wasn't easy for me to show how incredibly appreciative I was for your help. I can only hope I get an opportunity to help out someone as you have done for me. I will never forget that day and your kindness that touched my whole family.

In you and your father's honor, I am sending a donation to P.E.O.'s Program for Continuing Education. P.E.O. is a philanthropic educational organization interested in providing women with their funds to give them increased opportunities for higher education.I replay that day over and over in my head. How blessed I was to have gotten my car stuck in your parking lot! If it wasn't for your father's phone call and your quick rescue, I don't know what I would have done. Thank you so much for your help.

Lealan LaRoche

January 27, 2005

I had my wife's 2001 Toyota Camry in for a front end alignment and wheel balance a couple of weeks ago, and I believe Clarence did the work. I would like to commend you folks on a superb job; it's like driving a new car.

Thank you and your staff for a pleasant experience, it was worth the 35 mile drive.

Floyd Cudd